General Hospital News: Nancy’s Reply To Carolyn’s Outward Support For Steve Causes Hysteria Among GH Fans

General Hospital news and spoilers revealed that General Hospital star, Steve Burton, has yet another supporter among his co-stars.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Carolyn Hennesy spoke out in a tweet, with nothing but kind words to say about her friend, Steve Burton, upon General Hospital news confirmation of his GH exit.

However, Carolyn’s warm words for Steve were not embraced by all. General Hospital spoilers reveal Nancy Lee Grahn had something to say about Carolyn’s outward support for Steve.

Nancy replied to Carolyn’s tweet, implying that Steve’s choices contribute to Covid related losses. Take a look below at the Twitter exchange between Hennesy and Grahn.

GH fans quickly began to pin the on-screen BFF duo against each other as their different views clashed publicly in their tweets. Carolyn still showed love for Nancy, and tried squashing the fan’s hysteria over their differences of opinion.

Steve Burton is obviously a good hearted man and good friend, and co-star. We hope that someday he will make his way back to General Hospital as the legendary Jason Morgan.

General Hospital News: Carolyn Hennesy Tweets Heartfelt Message About Steve Burton

The soap opera world has been turned upside down upon Steve Burton and Ingo Rademacher’s GH exit news.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that last week, fan favorite Steve Burton, took to social media to explain the details behind Jason Morgan’s presumed death, and his exit from General Hospital over the vaccine mandate.

General Hospital news reports show co-star, Carolyn Hennesy (Diana Miller) reached out to fans to get a message across on her feelings about the situation with Steve.

The actress has nothing but warm and wonderful things to say about her friend, Steve, but that doesn’t mean what she had to save was embraced by all. It’s nice to see so many of Steve’s friends and co-stars who are able to separate politics from friendship, and that’s exactly what Carolyn did.

General Hospital News: Kelly Thiebaud Says Goodbye To Steve, Thanks Fans

Just as their love story was starting to fall into place, unfortunate circumstances swept in and changed the course for Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Dr. Britt Westbourne.

General Hospital news reports have confirmed Steve Burton has exited General Hospital after a recent mandate was put into effect this November.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Kelly Thiebaud and Steve Burton will not get to develop their onscreen romance with Britt and Jason now that Burton has left the show and Jason’s fate is hanging in the balance.

In a recent social media post, Thiebaud expresses her gratitude for Steve and the fans who supported #JaBritt. Steve will be missed and we hold onto hope that someday he will be able to return to his career as Jason Morgan.

General Hospital News: O’Neill Monaghan OUT, Meet The Twins Now Playing Rocco Falconeri

The son of GH couple, Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) and Lulu Spencer Falconeri (Emme Rylan) has been played by a few young actors. Recently, the role has been filled by O’Neill Monahan since 2017.

General Hospital comings and goings reports show the role of Rocco Falconeri has been recast, while GH news confirms O’Neill Monahan’s exit from ABC’s daytime drama.

General Hospital news reports confirm Brady and Beckett Bauer have been hired to replace Monaghan as Rocco. The Bauer twins made their debut at General Hospital the week of November 22nd.

General Hospital News: GH Casts New Danny Morgan

The role of Danny Morgan was portrayed by TK Weaver and Porter Fasullo. Fasullo took over the role from Weaver in May of 2019.

General Hospital comings and goings news reveal the role of Danny Morgan has been unexpectedly recast.

General Hospital news reports confirm Porter Fasullo’s GH exit. The role is now being played by Zakary Risinger. Zakary has worked on NCIS, The Morning Show, Grey’s Anatomy, and more.

General Hospital Rumors: Trevor St. John To Replace Steve Burton As Jason Morgan

The mystery is over and the dreaded news has been confirmed. Earlier this week, General Hospital news reports confirmed Steve Burton’s exit from the daytime drama, when the actor shared a video message on Instagram. In the video, Steve explained the details of his departure.

The current storyline, along with the recent, sudden confirmation of Burton’s exit, has raised questions around the future of the character, Jason Morgan. Since GH news reports announced that Trevor St. John has landed a role on GH, General Hospital comings and goings and General Hospital rumors began claiming St. John would be replacing either Ingo Rademacher as Jax, or become the new Jason Morgan.

GH news and spoilers reveal Steve Burton’s role as Jason will be left open for a potential future return, while GH rumors claim the role is being recast by St. John for the time being.

Sources say Jason will emerge from the rubble, with an all-new look for the audience, by remaining Jason in true form for his friends in Port Charles. There won’t be any identity crisis for this recast, just a simple switch.

Steve Burton will be dearly missed. While we appreciate and support Steve’s stance for medical freedom, we are so sad things have taken this path. We wish Steve and Ingo the best and hope that someday they can return to their daytime careers as Jason Morgan and Jasper “Jax” Jacks.

General Hospital News: GH Stars Show Support For Steve Burton

The General Hospital rumors surrounding Steve Burton’s exit have been confirmed to be true. General Hospital news reports shared Steve Burton’s Instagram video message, confirming he was let go from the soap opera.

General Hospital star Steve Burton’s Instagram post explains the details behind his exit, as well as displays the support shown by his co-stars and friends.

General Hospital news and spoilers show GH stars voicing their support for their friend, Steve Burton, and our personal freedoms, in the comment section of Steve’s IG post.

Steve hopes that someday he can return to his career on General Hospital as Jason Morgan. We feel the same, Steve! You will be missed and we hope for a future return. Thank you for standing up for freedom!

General Hospital News And Spoilers: GH’s Briana Nicole Henry Makes A Big Announcement

General Hospital comings and goings reports confirmed the GH news regarding Briana Nicole Henry’s exit from General Hospital as Jordan Ashford.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal Briana has announced she is pregnant. She explains she was hesitant to share the news while she herself is getting used to the changes she is experiencing in her life.

In a heartfelt caption, Briana mentioned her husband, Kris, showing her gratitude for the life they have together. General Hospital reveals Briana’s caption discloses the couple is having a baby girl.

Check out her Instagram post below, along with the caption filled with details into her life after GH.

General Hospital News: Nicholas Alexander Chavez Appears On “The Talk,” Wins ‘Favorite Newcomer’ Award

It’s not easy to step into a role after another actor has made it their own. Sometimes there are very big shoes to fill, full of personality and charisma. Luckily for Nicholas Alexander Chavez, he was up for the challenge.

Nicholas Alexander Chavez took over the role of Spencer Cassadine, when the storyline called for a much older Spencer. General Hospital news reports had confirmed that Nicolas Bechtel was exiting the daytime drama, handing the role over to Chavez.

General Hospital news reports bring awareness to what’s going on in the soap world as other media outlets discuss the happenings of daytime dramas. Recently, Nicholas Alexander Chavez was a guest on the daytime talk show, The Talk, where it was revealed he had won an award by SoapHub, for his work on GH as Spencer Cassadine. Chavez received the ‘Favorite Newcomer Award’ for his performance. Chavez joined the cast of GH this past Summer, joining the teen scene in Port Charles.

We are absolutely loving Chavez’s portrayal of Spencer Cassadine. He plays the role just as intended while creating his own take on a grown-up, mischievous heir. The bar was set high when taking over for Bechtel as Chavez rose to the challenge. We ❤️ watching his portrayal of Spencer!

Check out the details behind the soap opera awards here!

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Steve Burton Confirms Exit In New Video Message Explanation

The buzz is heightened as the storyline in Greece takes a dramatic turn. Lives are in danger and the question of who will survive and who won’t hang over our heads.

General Hospital rumors began surrounding the potential exit of Steve Burton as Jason Morgan. A recent mandate has caused the departure of two main actors, Ingo Rademacher, and Steve Burton.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal Steve Burton has confirmed he has been let go from his role in the ABC soap, General Hospital.

In a new video message from Burton, he explains that he was indeed let go over the recent vaccine mandate. He disclosed that even his religious, as well as medical beliefs, were not enough to override the mandate. Steve explains that he believes in his freedoms and hopes that someday the mandate will be lifted, and he can return to his career as Jason Morgan.