Sasha Owns Up to Her Lies

Lulu finally was able to muster up the courage to disclose the shocking secret she over heard in the bathroom of The Floating Rib. Nina reacted in a way that many fans predicted. On her wedding day, Nina was hit in the face with the hard truth about Sasha, the young woman she has been led to believe was her long lost daughter. Lulu came to the church on a mission to expose Sasha, as well as her hunch that Valentin is also behind this from the very beginning. He used Sasha as a pawn to win Nina over when their relationship was in disarray. Now they are about to say ‘I do’ and there is no worse timing than the present for the truth to finally come out.

Nina is denial, and is furious with Lulu for trying to ruin her wedding day. In today’s episode of General Hospital, Nina is face to face with Sasha and demands to know the truth.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sasha will come clean and tell Nina she is in fact not her daughter. The question remains whether or not Sasha will throw the groom-to-be under the bus and tell Nina he has been behind this lie from the very beginning.

Things are looking pretty grim in terms of Nina and Valentin’s anticipated wedded bliss.

Nina has already been through the worst when it comes to her baby girl. She has already lost her once when she was put in the coma and told her baby had died. Now she is losing a daughter all over again, and the lies are from the lips of the one she loves.

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