General Hospital Spoilers: Peter EXPOSED; Wes Ramsey OUT?

Peter August (Wes Ramsey) has been running quite the con around Port Charles but it isn’t what an outside would think. We as fans know Peter’s motives and reasoning yet we still can’t stand how he is lying to Maxie and harming people she cares about in his process.

Let’s start with Sam Morgan. Sam and Maxie have been close friends for almost 2 decades, and now the man Maxie loves has framed one of her closest friends for Shiloh’s escape when it was Peter making shady deal trades in the first place.

Peter is behind so many of the lies and secrets in Port Charles, tying in with Faison, The Cassadines, Jason and Sam, etc. At some point, sooner than later, Maxie is going to find out all of Peter’s dark secrets and lies.

At this point, Peter is completely on edge, worried that he will be exposed.His biggest secret yet, is Peter’s involvement with helping Helena and Faison capture Drew and Jason to undergo memory mapping. Peter’s biggest wish at the moment ending this trial. Franco is on the verge of remember things, and that means, he has the potential to remember, anything! He doesn’t want Franco to remember Drew and everything that happened in Helena’s captivity.

Maxie became quite suspicious when Peter put $35k down on a home to share and then suddenly turned it down when approached by Lucy. Peter was able to talk his way out of that one and claim he was just nervous about buying the house, like a superstition. Peter was on pins and needles worrying about the outcome of Franco’s trial. Once he found out the verdict, and he was safe now ready to buy that house with Maxie.

Just as Peter thinks he is in the clear is probably when he will get blindsided by the truth. General Hospital spoilers hint that Peter’s world will soon come unraveled as he is exposed for the lying con man he is.

General Hospital news reports there is no talk of Wes Ramsey ending his run as Peter August on General Hospital. His two year contract anniversary is around this time, however, Ramsey has no intention of leaving GH.

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